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Andrew B.Wehrlen

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Audio book Narrator and Voice Actor


Strong. Confident. Friendly. Conversational.


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About Me

With a strong, friendly and confident voice, Andy will tell you a story in a conversational way that seems like you're hearing it from a friend you trust.

Specializing in sci-fi, thrillers, horror,  post-apocalyptic and genre specific.

Let's talk about the end of the world! 

Andy has narrated nearly 250 books as himself and under his romance pseudonym. He is also THE voice of the Phalanx Press.

Andy caught the acting bug in high school and

has been infected ever since.

A 2019, 2020 and 2021 Independent Audio Book Award nominee, Andy uses quality equipment to produce

great listening experiences. 


Neumann TLM-49


Sennheiser MKH-416.

Run through an Apollo Twin Solo using Studio One and

Izotope RX7 Advanced.

He lives in VA outside Washington D.C. with his wife and

teen son and daughter.

Newest Releases

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"Andrew B. Wehrlen did a fantastic job narrating this book (as he’s done with other Bible titles) – he gave each character their own voice without overacting each part. I found that listening to this made it immensely more enjoyable than reading it myself would have (I don’t have a lot of good voices for characters in my head)."

-Brian Krespan

Brian's Book Blog



"Of course, Mr. Wehrlen did a marvelous job at keeping the story going, ramping up the action when it calls for it and slowing things down after to give us a chance to recover. He does a good job at keeping the characters voices separate enough that you're not completely lost on who's talking and giving them each their own personality."

-Audible Review

"Five Roads to Texas"

"Andrew B. Wehrlen did a fantastic job with the narration as usual. He is the perfect narrator for this story. Nice voice. Clearly spoken with a smooth even pace. Great character voices. Even his female voices are good. Great tone and delivery. He was able to bring the characters and story to life. Very enjoyable."

-Audible Review


"The narration is provided by Andrew B. Wehrlen in the audio performance. There is a massive cast of characters in this audio performance. Mr. Wehrlen has performed them all before in separate audiobooks but now all under one umbrella. He does so flawlessly. I have been a fan for a while now but this performance was just outstanding."

-Audible Review

"The Days Before"

Author thoughts

"Thorough, efficient and superb attention to detail. When it comes to quality audiobook production nobody beats ABW Voice Overs and Andrew Wehrlen." 

-WJ Lundy

author of

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

"You aren't going to find a better narrator than Andrew. He's literally the voice of over two dozen of my novels. And he'll be the voice of two dozen more if I'm so lucky!"

-Jake Bible


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